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CFA’s of Tomorrow!

We are on a mission to create top-notch CFA’s to contribute towards the country’s economic growth. With industry expertise and years of experience, we are helping students fall in love with numbers and adapt to the CFA lifestyle.

The Success Report Card

5-6 Lakh is the average package of the students post clearing CFA Level 1 exam

90% Student Satisfaction Rate

70% Students from Referrals

500+ Students Became CFA

“Great Teachers empower their students to gain Clarity, become Confident, and mentor them to achieve their Dreams.”


About us

We don't just Finish the Portion; we focus on Concept Clarity.

Positive Alpha is a new-age students-centred coaching institute focused on making the CFA’s of tomorrow. We are helping students achieve their dreams of building a career in finances, with top-notch quality education.

We created our curriculum, keeping students at the centre, to make numbers and finance easily understandable for even a student from a non-finance background. With years of research, experience, and working with 1,000+ students, we have developed the most in-depth curriculum, courses, and study material to ensure students’ success.

Mentor’s Story:

Rohit Sachdev
Trainer & Mentor

Mentor’s Story:

Rohit is an Engineering Graduate who loves finance and numbers. One fine day during his engineering, a global oil crisis intrigued him to learn about commodities, and then onwards, his love for finances started growing as he began to dive deep into it.

This led him to the introduction of CFA, and he attempted it right after his graduation to clear all the levels on the first attempt. He later joined Deutsche Bank as a Valuations Analyst. His curiosity led him to FRM and understand finance from the lens of a risk professional, and he cleared both levels.

He used to solve student queries as a hobby and realised his passion for teaching. During COVID, the request to become a mentor for CFA kept growing because of his excellent teaching methods. He took a leap of faith in his passion for teaching.

From then onwards, the student’s success has become his prime motto, and making them fall in love with numbers is his mission. As a result, the Positive Alpha family has been growing to date.

B.Tech, CFA, FRM

Only Coaching Institute where Teaching Curriculum is suggested by Students.

Dhanshri Positive Alpha Student

Love the Flexibility PA give to students

Rohit sir’s stories behind numbers made CFA achievable

Who wants to miss the classes when Rohit sir is teaching

Core Values

Our Teaching Principles

Invoking Curiosity

We motivate students to ask questions by rewarding them for the same. More questions means more curiosity.

Adaptive Teaching Methodology

We keep experimenting with our teaching style to evolve our teaching methodology for the best of students.

Respect diverse talents of student

We don’t discriminate based on a student's background, we focus on building concepts from Zero level.


Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and the student - teacher duo share the most crucial relationship that helps each other to succeed.

Emotional understanding

CFA preparation is an emotional journey; with our one-to-one student focus and personal counselling sessions, we help students to manage their feelings.


Students love stories, as they are easier to remember. We inculcate stories and analogies in our lectures to make them fall in love with numbers.

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