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At Positive Alpha, we help students achieve their dream of becoming CFA and living its lifestyle, by making them fall in love with numbers. We focus on holistic and personalised learning experience, by Industry experts, with 5+ years of industry experience.  

Our Teaching Process & Method

Our Teaching Curriculum is suggested by students to make it best fit for them.

Feedback Driven

We take regular feedback from our students on their understanding of concepts, learning progress, pace, flow of lectures, schedule, and timing, to constantly make the best possible teaching methods.

Engagement Driven approach

We provide daily problems, practice sheets, and doubt sessions to keep students engaged in learning.

Collaborative Learnings

Students learn from each other. We believe in community-driven learning. We have student communities to help each other out and bring out the best.

Emotional Understanding

Preparation for CFA is an emotional journey; we make sure to stand with our students during their highs and lows through our personal counselling sessions.



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Pratham Yesale was always scared of Numbers. Find out what happened when he joined PA

Pratham Yesale

Bachelors of Accounting and Finance

“ First and foremost, I believe Rohit Sachdev sir is a gem of a person.
As a teacher, he is not like any other 45-year-old professor who constantly scolds his students to be studious; he is only 6-7 years older than us and yet he is so far ahead of us, but because of the age gap between him and his students is so small, it instills hope in us as students that yes, we can achieve this if we work hard. He is extremely helpful to his students in terms of motivating & guiding them to achieve their goals in life and to appreciate what it means to be alive.

Leaving aside how he motivates us, he himself is enough of a motivation; he came from an Engineering background, yet he earned professional degrees such as FRM and CFA level 2 and pursued his passion in the teaching field; and as I previously stated, he is only 6-7 years older than his students.
Having teachers who are not that old and close to our age allows us to look up to them and yet ignite the fire within us that yes, this is achievable, you just have to work.”


Positive Alpha


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With this Personalized Experience,  we have helped 500+ students become CFA and live a CFA lifestyle.

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Positive Alpha

📌 8-9 months course duration

📌 Online + Offline Classes + Recorded Sessions Available

📌 320-350 Hours of Course

📌 Pay for each Subject

📌 Full time Trainer

Other Institutes

📌6 months Course

📌 Offline & Online Classes only

📌120 Hours – 220 Hours Course

📌 Full Fee at once. 

📌Part Time Trainers

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Portfolio Management Performance Evaluation

Portfolio Management Performance Evaluation

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