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CFA is the ultimate choice for those who want to understand investment banking, portfolio management or the stock market. With CFA, you can dive deep into the world of big finance and gain valuable insights on how it works.

From learning about the principles of ethical behaviour in investments to analysing financial reporting and analysis, CFA provides a comprehensive platform for aspiring professionals. Whether you are a student or a finance enthusiast looking to advance your knowledge, CFA is your go-to resource. Join today and get started.

The CFA Institute, as well as our Institute, provides flexible payment options.

We provide demo sessions for all prospective students, giving you a chance to experience our teaching style before enrolling. Plus, with our lectures available on YouTube, you can watch and learn at your convenience.

Join us and advance your knowledge in finance today.

Are you intimidated by the thought of tackling the CFA curriculum due to your lack of knowledge in complicated subjects such as trigonometry or geometry?

Fear not! Grade 10 maths is more than sufficient to understand the basic concepts involved in the CFA curriculum. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and invest in your future with ease.

Looking to clear the CFA exams but worried that your non-finance background might hold you back?
Fear not! At our institute, we have helped students from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, marketing and science ace their exams with flying colours. With our expert guidance, we ensure that you’ll be fully equipped to take on the challenge of the CFA curriculum.

Join us today and discover that finance is not just for finance majors!

At our institute, we know that securing a CFA charter is just the first step towards achieving your career goals. That’s why we go beyond simply helping you pass the exams – we focus on building your working understanding of all the concepts covered.

With our comprehensive approach, you’ll not only be more likely to land a job, but you’ll also be well-equipped to secure your dream job in finance.

Join us today and take the first step towards building a successful career in finance!

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Rohit Sachdev

Mentor & Trainer at Positive Alpha

     Choosing the right Teacher is your biggest investment decision! Your Time, Money, and Efforts are invested.  Make sure you make the right choice.

~ Rohit Sachdev

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Our Courses

CFA Course

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✅ 320- 350 Hours Live Lectures.

✅ 50 Hours Recordings approximately.

✅ Question Solving (to be done by students) ⇒ 50-75 Hours.

✅ Review Sessions ⇒ 30-40 Hours.

✅ Weekdays Batch – 4 Hours/Day,   3 days a week  (7 Months).

✅ Weekend Batch- 5 hours/Day,   Sat & Sunday (9 Months).

✅ Online & Offline Classes.

✅ Recorded Sessions.

✅ Live Doubt Sessions.

✅ Recording of Doubt Questions.

✅ 10+ Mock Tests & 4000+ Questions.

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Why Positive Alpha

At Positive Alpha, We are committed to make you adapt to the CFA lifestyle, not just the exam.

We provide hand-holding guidance and a best-in-class holistic experience to prepare you for the CFA exam. Our industry-experienced trainer, with their unique teaching methodology, makes us the Top choice in the Industry for the CFA examination.

Don’t leave with confusion.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend spending

We recommend spending around 8-9 months on each level, which will take a total of 2.5-3 years to complete the entire CFA program.

CFA is a program that enables individuals to become experts in investment management and financial analysis. Whether you have pursued engineering or come from a non-finance background, you can still pursue the CFA designation. Start building your expertise today with the CFA program!

The CFA exam focuses more on analytical and critical thinking skills than studying for the CA exam. The CFA exam tests your ability to think logically and apply your knowledge to real-world situations, whereas the CA exam focuses more on memorizing concepts and regulations. 

If you have failed at the CA exam, it does not mean that you cannot succeed in the CFA exam. In fact, many people who were unsuccessful in the CA exam have become CFA charter later.


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CFA | CA | PA | Finance | Alpha Positive

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