Career Opportunities for CFAs: Beyond Asset Management and Investment Banking

A Finance career is regularly related to prestigious asset control and investment banking roles. While those fields provide beneficial possibilities, they’re not the simplest avenues for finance experts, mainly those with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.  CFAs possess a deep know-how of economic markets, funding analysis, and risk management, making them valuable property throughout […]

What Are The Career Options In Finance In 2023?

Welcome to the world of finance, where opportunities abound for those seeking a rewarding and challenging career. In 2023, the finance industry continues to evolve, offering an array of exciting career paths for individuals with a passion for numbers, analysis, and making strategic financial decisions. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to pivot […]

Mastering CFA Level 1: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

Are you prepared to embark on the adventure of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)?  Congratulations on taking step one towards a rewarding profession in finance. The CFA Level 1 exam is your gateway to this prestigious degree; coaching is the key to success. This blog will discuss how to crack CFA level 1, from […]

How to Self-Study For CFA Level 1 

Preparing for the CFA Level 1 Exam can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. It’s possible to achieve your goal with the right mindset, patience, and practice. You can surely succeed by creating a well-organized self-study plan and staying determined. This guide will provide practical steps and strategies to help you stay on track and triumph […]

How to Pass CFA Level 1 in First Attempt

Charted Fiancia Analyst

Clearing the CFA level 1 exam on the first attempt is a significant milestone every finance aspirant aims to achieve. A blend of dedication, strategic preparation, and the right resources can elevate your chances of achieving this. This article delves deep into actionable strategies to enhance your practice for CFA level 1 first attempt success. […]

what is CA vs CFA debate understand in brief


In the country where some exams like CA, IIT, AIIMS pushes the competition higher 🔥, many ambitious career paths are under shadowed. The CA vs CFA debate is one of the same which is now increasingly getting popular because of more awareness throughout the country 📈. This blog is going to talk briefly on CFA […]